Chef Hue Chan Karels invites to join Open Kitchen on an inspiring curated culinary escapade to Vietnam

An Invitation To Culturally Curious Travelers

Are you seeking extraordinary, authentic experiences? Join me and Open Kitchen on an inspiring, curated Culinary Escapade to Việt-Nam! Whether you’ve been to Việt-Nam or it’s on your “bucket list,” I invite you to experience my homeland and take a deep dive into Việt-Nam’s heart and soul through her spirited culinary heritage.

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An Immersive Culinary Escapade to Việt-Nam

I’ve designed an itinerary based on my personal Việt-Nam experiences. We will travel to three distinct regions – North, Central, and South. Each showcases Việt-Nam’s unique cuisine based on geography, climate, history, and cultural and ethnic characteristics. You’ll experience the regional diversity through cooking classes, market excursions, street foods tastings from generation-old vendors, tasting creations from a new generation of chefs, and exploring ancient towns and UNESCO World Heritage sites.

As your travel companion, I’ll share personal insights and stories, and connect you with local people for a deeper understanding of the Vietnamese culture. You’ll be charmed by the people and these connections will create joyful experiences, lasting memories, and a powerful reminder of why we travel.

This Open Kitchen Culinary Escapade has been uniquely designed and expertly planned with our Việt-Nam travel partner and will be executed with the highest attention to details to provide you with unique, memorable experiences.

map of Open Kitchen's Culinary Escapade to Vietnam

Travel Highlights

Our journey will begin in Northern Việt-Nam, the cradle of Vietnamese civilization. We arrive in Hà Nội, one of oldest capitals in the world that served as the capital of French Indochina during the French colonial period. Then we will travel to Mai Châu, a remote village in a lush rice valley and home to seven of the 54 ethnic minority groups.

We will conclude our time in the north at Hạ Long Bay (“descending dragon”), a UNESCO World Heritage site surrounded by emerald waters, towering limestone islands and lush rainforests.

On to Central Việt-Nam and the Imperial City of Huế, the cradle of Vietnamese culture and the last dynastic capital under the Nguyễn Dynasty. Then to the quaint town of Hội An, one of the most important ports on the South China Sea from the 15th to the 19th century with a stop in Đà Nẵng to visit the Children of Vietnam .

We will end our journey in Southern Việt-Nam with the uber-urban Hồ Chí Minh City (“Sài Gòn”) and then the Mê Kông Delta– the rich and fertile rice basket of Việt-Nam.

Open Kitchen’s Việt-Nam Culinary Escapade is for you if you are:

EXCITED to learn and experience Việt-Nam’s culinary heritage and to taste local life through bustling street food eateries and “Cuisine Mới,” or “New Cuisine” in modern, upscale restaurants.

SEEK active adventures from bicycling through rice paddies to exploring centuries-old charming architecture on foot, riding through bustling cities on back of scooters, and exploring the majestic Mekong Delta on a traditional sampan or kayaking on the mesmerizing waters of Hạ Long Bay.

OPEN to luxurious accommodations, charming homestays, and unplanned occurrences that bring about magical experiences and unforgettable memories.


Booking Inquiries

Our trip is limited to 12 participants. Please let us know how to reach you about booking this once-in-a-lifetime culinary adventure.