Mai Châu, 90 miles southwest of Hà Nội, is a remote village in a lush valley with terraced rice fields surrounded by green mountains. It is home to 7 of the 54 Vietnamese ethnic tribes whose ancestors immigrated from Southern China in the 13th century and who have their own languages, distinctive cultural customs, and ways of living. Mai Châu’s cuisine is a delicious reflection of its diverse ethnic cultures and heavily draws from its environment. For example, a culinary specialty is grilled/steamed sticky rice in bamboo tubes. As mountainous people with a nomadic lifestyle for farming and livestock breeding, the Mai Châu people developed a convenient way to cook without pots and pans by using bamboo tubes as cooking vessels!

We’ve designed your experience in Mai Châu to provide insights on the traditional culture of the ethnic people of Mai Châu, a chance to get to know these hospitable villagers, and to honor this unspoiled, unique village that represents one of the many faces of Vietnam.

Highlights. Who You’ll Meet. Where You’ll Sip & Savor.

A Scenic Journey to Mai Châu

  • After breakfast, we’ll travel to Mai Châu by private transportation. You’ll enjoy the scenic drive through small farming towns and over epic mountain passes.
  • We’ll arrive in Mai Châu around lunch time, check into our hotel overlooking lush gardens and local limestone rock formations, then feast on a meal of local dishes.

Vibrant Culture Immersion and Adventure in Mai Chau

  • After lunch, we’ll explore Mai Châu’s ethnic villages and countryside by bicycle with a Local Guide. We’ll tour markets for handcrafts and antiques, meet artisans spinning traditional textiles, and visit an ethnic family to learn more about their culture and way of life. We’ll also ride through rice paddies and farms.
  • We’ll return to our hotel for a bit of rest or to enjoy a swim in the pool or a cold beer before we meet back up for dinner at a local homestay followed by a performance of traditional dance.

Accommodations in Mai Châu

Mai Chau Mountain View Resort is at the heart of Bản Lác or Lác Village, located in a beautiful and peaceful location amid mountains and stunning views.

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